Award Categories Announced for 2017

Blue Lights Hero Award
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Established to highlight an act or outstanding level of service from within the blue lights community (Police, Ambulance, Fire and Rescue, Coast Guard and so on) This category may be split into sub-categories if nominations exceed in number.

Teacher of the Year Award

Open to all Aberdeen and the Shire schools, pupils, parents and staff to nominate a teacher deserving of this recognition.

Children of Courage Award
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To be awarded to a brave youngster, or a group of children, who have shown extraordinary courage to help others, or who have put themselves at risk to save someone in danger.

Health and Safety Award
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Nominations sought for companies or organisations whose commitment to Health and Safety goes above and beyond the call of duty.

Search and Rescue Award
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Presented in recognition of a true act of courage displayed by an individual or group in an emergency rescue situation.

Carer of the Year Award

This stands as a particularly special and personal recognition of an individual who has shown remarkable compassion and care.

Employer of the Year Award
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Appreciation doesn’t come much higher than this - an award from your staff to your company for being the 2016 employer of the year.

Community Venture Award

This award recognises a truly engaging partnership between enterprise and the community where a company has shown willing access to not just funding, but the utilisation of internal resources, mentoring and support towards a project with multiple local residents benefitting.

Sporting Achievment Award
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Gold medal award for an individual who has shown unique levels of success and/or who has contributed unreservedly to their sport or sector.

Tourism and Hospitality Award
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To recognise and reward businesses, organisations and professionals working in the tourism and hospitality industry.

Contribution to Music Award

Platinum music award presented either to an individual or a group who has made a certain significant contribution to music.

One to Watch Music Award

Awarded to an individual or group that has received web and/or YouTube popularity. Must currently be unsigned to any record label to be eligible for this award.

Business Personality of the Year Award
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This ultimate title for the business community will be presented to an individual that has shown an outstanding contribution to his or her sector above and beyond their own company or organisation’s expectations..

Countryside Award

This category is to celebrate the fruitful, diverse and living countryside that everyone can appreciate and enjoy. The meaning of this can be found in a person involved in farming or even country sporting pursuits or photography, projects, products, buildings, businesses, services or social enterprise.

Armed Forces Award
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We salute our Forces and thank them sincerely for their service. This award will be presented to an individual or team in order to salute their outstanding service and personal accomplishments within our Armed Forces.

Local Citizen of the Year Award
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To celebrate an individual who has shown unique and/or generous devotion to serving and/or helping their community.